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From press & digital creative, social media and events, to roundtables or long-form content [plus everything in-between] we’ve got you covered. For over 20 years we have been delivering media-neutral solutions for healthcare brands.

To give you just a ‘flavour’, here are a few examples of how we have helped brands reach HCPs. It’s far from exhaustive so please get in touch if you want to see more examples.

Digital traffic driver

To develop above brand content to drive traffic to and engagement with an HCP digital hub, in order to drive professional registration

Reviving brand prescriptions

The brand had been in decline for a number of years due to a prolonged out of stock situation, name change and price increase, despite marketing activity to arrest this trend.

Engagement with dental students

The client traditionally relied on face-to-face engagement with students via their field team, however Covid-19 closed the dental schools to all external parties and this valuable relationship was lost.

Increasing brand awareness at trade events

Trade shows showcase hundreds of brands including competitors to our client’s demographic. This was the first industry large face to face post the pandemic where the brand could interact with their target audience.

Creating brand cut-through in a busy seasonal market

The brand is a seasonal brand competing in a highly active and homogenous market, and as a result experiencing significant competitor pressure against declining budgets.