Mobile phone showing seasonal market social

Creating brand cut-through in a busy seasonal market

The brief

The brand is a seasonal brand competing in a highly active and homogenous market, and as a result experiencing significant competitor pressure against declining budgets.

The brief was to develop an in-season campaign designed to optimise a modest budget, incorporating direct digital, social and DVA.

Services provided

  • Strategic development media plan
  • Development of new high impact creative for both digital and social channels
  • Flighting of creative
  • Reporting of results


A creative campaign was developed breaking the 4th wall in the selected mediums, with rich imagery and ASMR to trigger the viewers senses and sense of suffering caused by the condition.

Working closely with the media agency and publishers we were able to develop wholly new HPTO placements for maximum cut-through.


  • Increased brand awareness at peak of season
  • Increased traffic to digital hub
  • Increased engagement with social posts