Published on August 16, 2012

How are patients using digital media?

We all experience the feeling of being ill, having a little sniffle or back ache and what do most of us do – we search our symptoms on Google. Results of these searches often show multiple responses from the NHS direct website through to discussions from worried members of the public. It’s impossible to know what is right, with thousands of unknown sources behind the majority of content posted on the Internet, yet self-diagnosing is becoming more and more popular.

Besides the obvious use of the internet to self-diagnose, more healthcare providers are now investing in digital media platforms to use the Internet in a positive way. Healthcare providers are mainly using these platforms to train their staff and pass healthcare information onto patients, providing an interactive and fun learning experience.

In the US, with healthcare paid at a premium, healthcare extenders such as nurses, health educators, registered dieticians, certified diabetes educators and social workers are serving as the first point of contact for many patients. Nowadays, healthcare extenders are tending to adopt more digital media to help aid their interactions with patients.

Below, an infographic created by HealthEd Academy highlights how US health extenders are using digital media to educate their patients.

As you can see, there is a high potential of using digital platforms to help educate and advise the public. With this potential, the UK healthcare market should be well on their way to creating interactive and informative materials easily accessible to the public, the future only awaits more of this..

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