Published on January 18, 2013

Digital education – improve or harm the next generation?

Digital education – improve or harm the next generation?

In the news this week a school in Bolton, ESSA Academy displayed their forward thinking teaching – every pupil and teacher has an iPad.

The traditional pen and paper method has not been completely scrapped from their classrooms but the focus of this school is certainly on the digital. The head teacher simply believes technology enhances learning and is the next step forward for education. After reading the comments on their own website from visitors – it seems the pupils are engaged and passionate about learning, suggesting the technology is spurring enthusiasm at school.

But how may this impact on our ability to undertake the basics? Technology may help to inspire on topics but ultimately the content of a piece is what ensures learning. Could basic English and Maths skills be harmed through the use of technology as opposed to the traditional ways of learning?

Increasingly in our industry people are drawn to the interactive opportunities that technology can offer – for example when trying to influence a customer or “sell” an idea. How important to do you think the format of a presentation is vs the proposition and message that it is delivering?

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