Published on November 6, 2014

Would you brush your teeth with bacon?

Would you brush your teeth with bacon?

Whilst carrying out some research recently, I stumbled across news of a world first for toothpaste. White Now, the first toothpaste especially for men, launched in France this summer. Promising whiter teeth after just one brush, the product addresses French men’s apparent desires for sparkly, pearly whites.

I’m sure lots of men (and women) around the world care about the whiteness of their teeth, so why did Unilever choose France to launch their first men’s toothpaste? It got me thinking about what consumers around the world look for in a toothpaste, and further research unveiled some real oddities…

Charcoal is probably the last thing you would consider using to clean your teeth. But surprisingly, some natural remedy enthusiasts recommend it for tooth whitening, and this is one of the main ingredients of a toothpaste by Japanese manufacturers, Taketora.

This is not the only unique toothpaste to hit the shelves in Japan. Takoyaki toothpaste is none other than octopus flavour! I can’t imagine it would do much for your love life…

We all know that Americans are famous for having a sweet tooth. Crest are taking this to a whole new level and have recently launched a new series of dessert flavoured toothpastes in the US. With the tag lines: be adventurous, be inspired and be dynamic, the mint chocolate, lime spearmint and vanilla mint flavoured toothpastes ask “why wouldn’t you want to brush your teeth with dessert?”

Although we’re told from an early age not to eat toothpaste, this isn’t the first manufacturer to introduce food-inspired products. In fact, many retailers sell novelty cupcake and bacon flavoured pastes!

Personally, I think I’ll stick to a traditional minty flavour. What are your thoughts? What’s the strangest toothpaste you’ve ever come across?

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