Published on September 17, 2015

The personal touch – using events for business

The personal touch – using events for business

Events help brands be heard and seen, reaching the chosen audience and allowing direct discussion of brand perceptions, features and benefits. The key thing about events is providing attendees with relevant information about the business, products or the industry whilst not overwhelming them with noise. Hence events should be strategically planned and heavily targeted.

Here, at StockdaleMartin, we have organised a range of events for our clients in the past few years. Some were intended to showcase new products or latest technologies in the industry and others sought to continue the conversation with Healthcare Professionals on various different platforms. Other events have encouraged professionals to take on continuing professional development (CPD) as well as strengthen relationships and driving engagement between professionals and brands.

Overall, events are important as they provide the chance to exchange ideas and contribute to the progress of the company, brand and the industry. They are also a good opportunity to meet like-minded people and establish new relationships. Ultimately, events help to increase public awareness and reputation, which is essential for a company to exist.

What are your thoughts on events and PR? How important are they for your business?

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