Published on July 17, 2013

Google Glass finds its way into the operating room

Google Glass finds its way into the operating room

Google’s highly anticipated Google Glass, the latest innovation in the move towards wearable technology is generating a huge amount of hype around its release later this summer. The high-tech pair of glasses that are being developed by Google are the first of their kind – offering consumers information in a smartphone-like, hands free format that can interact via internet voice commands.

While the media has been hyping its consumer appeal, there are also many professional applications for the technology, especially in the healthcare industry for physicians, patients and pharmaceutical companies. Over time, it is hoped that Google Glass would provide a layer of artificial intelligence capable of recognising visual signs and symptoms of disease through a streaming feed of a patient’s vital signs. If achieved, this would eliminate the need for office visits by allowing physicians to diagnose and treat patients via virtual access. But is this something the public want, no face to face communication with heathcare professionals?

If Google Glass were accepted by the industry, healthcare marketers would have a completely new marketing channel. Google Glass would allow them to promote their brands in innovative ways, including through specialised content and the development of personalised virtual experiences. Early adopters and innovators may be big winners.

The glasses may have important applications for many industries, but for healthcare the impact could be truly transformative. has detailed the different healthcare uses to show how Google Glass could completely transform the practice of modern medicine. Click on the link below for more information on this exciting innovation and don’t forget to tweet us @stockdalemartin to let us know your thoughts on the new Google Glass.

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