Published on December 15, 2015

Brands that win at the Point Of Sale

Brands that win at the Point Of Sale

Healthcare is increasingly becoming a lifestyle category, as people now have more options in helping them to look after their health than ever before such as mobile apps or smart tools like Change 4 Life. Consumers don’t make decisions based on rational thinking alone. As healthcare decisions are very personal, they are influenced by emotional drive and a sense of trust, recognition and visual appeal.

Advertising for healthcare brands tend to focus more on functionality than emotional connection; hence design has become a crucial part when developing a product. If we take the cold and flu category for instance, there are various medicines available over the counter in pharmacies, many have the same active ingredient and all claiming the same benefits. Brands need to stand out in order to influence consumers’ behaviour. Therefore, design has a pivotal role in grabbing customers’ attention.

Healthcare brands need to thrive through design and communications to become part of consumers’ life. As a result, the role of creativity and design has never been more fundamental to create noticeable products that are easily remembered.

We think that every purchase should be a memorable experience. Here at StockdaleMartin, we create a solid foundation and recognition for our brands. We create brands that win at the point of sale through creative design and innovation.


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