Published on June 17, 2013

Benefits of e-Detailing

Benefits of e-Detailing

As with most things these days, everything is turning digital. Why use endless amounts of paper when you could be using a digital device which can be updated for years to come!

e-Details are currently being trailed and tested by many pharmaceutical companies across the globe as ways to maximise sales force time with customers, cut costs and record key sales data. e-Detailing can be viewed in various formats, such as live web discussions, interactive modules and online portals e.g.

Each format will depend on what the company is trying to achieve and what’s right for their brand. Although the history of e-detailing is mainly based in the US, European markets are latching onto the trend. In some areas of the industry, e-details have become a replacement of sales representatives but in others it has become an aid, to helps sales teams interactive with doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals (HCP’s) on the brands they are trying to promote.

In the UK, studies suggest that 30% of GPs no longer see sales reps from pharmaceutical companies. Such statistics have led companies to use e-details as an effective method in yielding the results they desire and need, without physically visiting GPs. In cases where sales representatives do visit practices they are challenged with getting access to healthcare professionals due to their increasingly busy schedules. In reality, sales teams on average only speak with healthcare professionals for a couple of minutes at a time. Maximising this time is key!

In the past year here at StockdaleMartin we have created 15 e-detail modules for our client’s. The modules have been programmed for use on sales representatives’ iPads to detail to practitioners. Sales teams have used the interactive screens to highlight the science behind products, the benefits of recommending to patients and shown healthcare professionals where they can request samples. The modules have proved to be successful at significantly increasing detailing time. The system also allows for several modules to be loaded onto a single iPad, allowing updates to be easily made and cutting down on printing costs.

However – although e-detailing is a step forward, the value of a leave behind is still important. It’s important to leave something for the HCP to remember the call by, this is where old-fashioned print comes in handy!

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