Published on October 16, 2012

The Mobile Era

It seems the norm today is to check our smartphones when there’s a lull in a conversation whether it be at work or with friends. We check what’s happening on Facebook, Twitter, our emails – the list is endless! With so many of us using our phones to fill our time and check what’s going on in our world, mobile marketing is growing at an exceptional rate.

Keen to highlight the value of mobile marketing, Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) – a Velti Company, have produced a Mobile White Book 2012. Here are some key insights to remember:

  • It is predicted mobile will surpass PCs & web as a platform for users to view emails
  • Interestingly, 63% of users said they would close or delete an email if it wasn’t modified for mobile
  • 37% of opt-in users welcome at least one communication from a brand on a daily basis
  • 24.5% of consumers stated they would like to receive branded communications at any time – the two most popular times include, 12 – 2pm and 5 -7pm on a weekday
  • Smartphones account for 51% of opt-in users in 2012, with a forecast of rising – Brands must understand the devices their customers use and adapt content to suit these.
  • “It will become a necessity to adopt a more conversational tone in mobile marketing to drive response and interaction”
  • Within the UK – users will click on a total of 31.6 million messages in 2012
  • 86% of respondents said they were more likely to respond to emails – proving to be the most popular channel for brands to target consumers
  • Between 33-75% of respondents would embrace a form of branded communication via social media

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