Published on September 28, 2011

The basics of Google+

According to Google+ has gained 43 million users since it publicly opened last week on 20th September. I’m sure many of us will remember the arrow pointing to You+ on Google’s homepage, but what’s all the fuss about? Like many other sites, social interaction is now key and this is Google’s answer to social media. “Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world”, Google 2011. So here are the basics of what you need to know and what to expect from Google+ or if you prefer watch this video for more information:


These allow you to place everyone you know in specific groups or circles, to keep your friends separate from your work colleagues, allowing you to share different information with different people.


This feature allows you to video chat (or in Google terms, ‘hang out’) with anyone in your circles, allowing you to spark spontaneous conversations on the web, with up to 9 people at the same time!


Traditional games such as Poker can be played on the site and scores are published online, meaning you can compete against friends to make game play more interesting.


The web is a wide source of information and sometimes it’s hard to know what websites are worth looking at. That’s why search is a key tool for Google+, it allows you to search for content recommended by others, Google+ posts and trending topics on the web.

+1 Button:

Google’s +1 button ties in nicely with the social site, when browsing the web if you find an interesting recipe, a stylish bar or stunning photograph you can simply click +1 and decide who you want to share this with, the public or your circles. This makes browsing the web rich and exciting, recommendations are how we communicate in the real world, now we’re able to do this in the digital world.


Google+ is easy to use via Smartphones, allowing you to share photos with your circles by instant uploads, it also has a messenger feature so you can chat to friends easily in group chats.

Now you know the basics, the debate lies in whether it will become as popular as Facebook or will the excitement of the site soon fizzle out!


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