Published on February 16, 2012

Pharmacies adopt new media technology

New media technologies are increasingly becoming an everyday part of our lives, from watching films to receiving the latest news updates. The possibilities are endless and over the past year the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry have begun to embrace these technological developments.

One of the most recent developments is a tool for new media technologies, which has been designed by Professor Matthew Murawski, who has created a five-question survey called the Pharmaceutical Therapy-Related Quality of Life tool (PTRQL). The tool is designed for pharmacies to help identify whether a patient is suffering from adverse side effects due to their medication. As Murawski highlights, many patients do not discuss their side effects with pharmacists, either because they do not recognise them or view them as unconnected from their regular medication. This simple and effective tool allows patients to undergo a mini health analysis and help pharmacists’ advise patients on any changes needed to their diet or prescription. For a demonstration of the tool and interview with Professor Matthew Murawski, follow the link:

This use of new media technology is becoming more apparent and changing the healthcare marketing landscape. As a marketing agency we are now often asked to adapt detail and teaching aids for use on such technologies. We even have an example of our new media work right here on our blog: ease and interactive nature of the technology has proven to be successful with both patients and healthcare professionals and always provides an exciting challenge for our team. So if you’d like to know more about using new media technologies, contact and we’d be happy to explain how!


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