Published on March 27, 2009

Direct Mail Part 2 – Why won’t they listen to me? (Sod’s Law or the Law of 7?)

In which Tracy continues her DM master class. . .

In the last Direct Mail post we looked at how direct mail can grow your business and I promised to tell you why you mustn’t worry about closing the sale too soon. Well, here is the reason, 

“Your prospective customer will only buy when they are ready to buy, not when you what to sell!”

Ask yourself: 

  • Do you ever think your prospective customers can’t or won’t listen to you? After all, you have a fantastic product or service to offer, you’ve produced some knockout promotional materials— but still they don’t respond!

Don’t worry, this isn’t an uncommon feeling! And it doesn’t mean that your efforts to promote your business have been wasted .

However it is important to remember the following fact when you plan your marketing activity:

A cold prospect will need to be contacted, on average, 7 times before they will respond!

This fact [called the Marketing Law of 7] is based upon research conducted by Manchester University, and when you stop and think, it makes perfect sense! 

Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages from people trying to sell to us. In response we have learnt to filter out the stuff that isn’t relevant to us at that moment in time. But that doesn’t mean that we become immune—we are just not receptive at that time.

You need to ensure that you stay in contact with that prospective customer until the time is right. And remember that every time you  make contact with them you are improving the probability of them responding. 

To do this effectively you will need to:

  • Develop a contact strategy
  • Find cost effective ways of maintaining contact

Everything we look at in these posts is designed to help you develop a contact strategy – so you can do it!

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