Published on March 9, 2009

Direct Mail Part 1 – a brief review of the benefits to your business

In which Tracy imparts her considerable wisdom concerning this mystical art. . .

Before I start with the benefits let me just clarify what I mean by “direct mail”.

Proper direct mail is an addressable and two-way, or person-to-person, media and includes postal materials, e-mail, fax, texting and phone. So this blog post counts as direct mail!

But what are the functions of direct mail? The beauty of direct mail is that it can be used for a multitude of activities – not just selling: For example:

  • enquiry generation
  • direct sales
  • appointment generation
  • enquiry conversion
  • information distribution
  • research
  • drive to web

And the great thing about direct mail is that IT REALLY WORKS!

But to make direct mail really work for you, think of it as a call from a salesman. Just as a salesman will call on someone so direct mail does the same. Pardon? That’s right direct mail can arrange the appointment, explain the benefits of a product or service, demonstrate the product or service, answer questions and reassure the prospect and close the sale – just like a salesman!

Think about it for a moment – I sell marketing support, or more specifically direct mail, for a living – including helping people generate newsletters to promote their business. So what do I do? I use direct mail, a newsletter [both e-mail and paper] to sell the benefits of this medium.

If you’ve read this far then I guess you are interested in what I’ve got to say [or you have too much time on your hands!] and so in the process I’m proving that direct mail can work. I’ve begun explaining the benefits of DM, I’m actively demonstrating the benefits, and hopefully reassuring you!

The next stage for me to logically follow would be to close the sale. . . not yet I don’t! Why? I’ll explain next time!!!

Over the next few months I’ll take you through each element of a direct mail piece and show you how to create direct mail for your business. Together we will look at:

  • the contents of a direct mail item
  • how to maximise response rates
  • the effects of 3-D mailings
  • offers and incentives
  • style and tone
  • contact strategies
  • and many, many other things. . .

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