Published on December 5, 2013

The diet bra

The diet bra

The obesity epidemic is well and truly under way. Modern diets and busy lifestyles have left us grazing throughout the day and feeling lethargic after a long day’s work. I make the excuses on a weekly basis for reasons why I can’t go to the gym and even when I do make the effort there’s no doubt I’ll eat a sugary snack afterwards as a reward. C’mon fess up – I’m sure I’m not the only one?

For some, this viscous cycle leads to comfort eating when stressed, for others it leads to “I’m too busy to even think about food, let alone eat it” – which one are you is the question?

With this in mind, researchers have been designing new ways of helping anxious eaters kick the bad habit, from mobile apps through to bracelets. The latest trend in the list is the ‘stress-busting bra’ – sorry gentleman this is for ladies only.

The bra is made with special material that monitors the wearers moods through EKG (electrocardiogram) sensors which help to regulate stress eating. The results are then connected to a mobile app, making it easy to check and regulate. One of the major flaws of this method is the battery life, every 4 hours the participants had to recharge their batteries! So maybe we won’t be swapping our wonder bras for EKG bras anytime soon.

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