Published on January 6, 2017

Dry January – It’s not all doom and gloom!

Dry January – It’s not all doom and gloom!

Dry January, Dryuary or Drynuary is the 744 hour challenge of not touching an alcoholic drink during the month of January. Brought to us by the charity Alcohol Concern, Dry January is now in its 5th year with 1 in 6 of the adult population attempting the challenge each year!

I’m sure many of us woke up on the morning of New Year’s Day with a headache from hell and also struggling to speak due to the dryness of our mouth. We’ve all been there! But how can alcohol affect our mouths so significantly?

After consuming alcohol, our bodies try to break down the amount of alcohol by removing water from our blood through urination. For every 1 g of alcohol drunk, urine excretion tends to increase by 10 ml. Furthermore, if you are a heavy drinker you may feel the need to go back to the toilet just 5 minutes after your last visit, and the more you have to urinate, the risk of developing side effects from dehydration, including dry mouth, increases.

Undertaking Dry January will not only benefit your liver, but also your oral health as the risk of symptoms stimulated from dehydration has fallen. If you are undertaking the challenge that is Dry January, please get in touch with how you are getting on and whether you have seen an improvement in your dry mouth symptoms.

Good luck and remember to keep your mouth dry from alcohol and not saliva!

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