Published on December 8, 2015

The ever-growing world of technology

The ever-growing world of technology

The days of using pen and paper seem to be disappearing faster than we think.  Exhibitions and lectures are keen to enforce technology when engaging their audience yet is this the best way in terms of learning?

Smart phone technology is starting to hit lectures and exhibitions across the UK as a method of engaging all delegates. Without the use of an app, delegates can take part in polls, answer questions as a group and view images in relation to the current topic all at the touch of a button. This could engage more delegates and encourage them to take part. However, should we rely on smart phones to educate? Are we also taking away the ability to debate and ask questions if everything is done electronically?

In a similar way, interactive tables and games controls are being used at exhibitions as a method of engaging passers-by simultaneously and grabbing their attention. Interactive tables add an element of fun with the use of games and polls but is the focus too much on fun to try and attract attendees to a stand rather than actually educating them?

Furthermore, lectures are now often being recorded for those who were not able to attend. With this sort of technology “attending” a lecture could not be easier!

Technology can be seen as an effective way of educating an audience as it involves a sense of fun as well as practicality. As great as technology is are we indirectly taking away the experience and knowledge of lecturers and relying too heavily on technology?

The future for technology seems to be extraordinary. With self-tying shoes expecting to hit the market next year, what is next for technology in the education sector!

What are your thoughts on the topic? Should we encourage the use of technology to help those attending lectures and exhibitions learn and engage more effectively or, is technology making us more complacent and therefore not the best method to engage and teach an audience? Let us know.

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