Published on August 4, 2016

StockdaleMartin celebrates 15 years in expert marketing

StockdaleMartin celebrates 15 years in expert marketing

So on Monday we turned 15 years old and the whole team turned out to celebrate with a surprise party for Ed and Tracy, organised by the team. Cake was eaten, (non-alcoholic) champagne drunk and there was even a surprise visit from Stevie Wonder!

‘When we first opened the doors back in 2001 we had a clear vision – one where we built a respected healthcare agency that supported its clients with effective campaigns and a professional service all delivered by a friendly and enthusiastic account team’ said Tracy. ‘More than that we wanted to create a place where people enjoyed working and could grow professionally in a supportive environment. And I think we have succeeded in achieving both of those things!’

‘I think it’s fair to say that we both look a bit older than we did back in 2001, and one of us perhaps put on a bit of weight since then too, but our enthusiasm for our clients and our team hasn’t diminished one bit’, added Ed. ‘We owe so much to our clients, our suppliers and team, past and present – without them we wouldn’t have lasted 15 days let alone 15 years. So thank you to all of you!’


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