Published on December 11, 2015

Pooch At Work

Pooch At Work

We are very lucky to have a dog-friendly office here at StockdaleMartin. Our office dog, Della, always makes our days better and our meetings more relaxed.

We recently read something on that backed up our happy feeling about being around Della! As dog lovers, we’re well aware of how dogs can enrich our lives and help make the workplace even more enjoyable, but there are also potentially some other benefits of dog ownership for both the owner and the employees:

Reduces stress levels

Studies have shown that dogs can make a positive difference in the workplace. Pets around the office can be a great bonus for employees’ mental wellbeing – stroking and petting is one of the best forms of stress relief. A dog’s enthusiasm can be contagious and simply spending time with them leaves people feeling more relaxed and more optimistic.

Increases productivity & job satisfaction

Feeling more relaxed surely helps boost productivity and makes people feel happier and more likely to perform at their peak but a pet at work can also help people cope better with pressure. The benefits are immeasurable, simply looking at that puppy smile brightens up the day.

Studies also show pets in the office setting increase employees’ loyalty and job satisfaction. It gives people a chance to step away and take a “breather”, contributing to a healthy work-life balance.

Encourages employee interaction

Anyone who walks a dog in the local park knows how people make connections through their pets, and the same happens in the workplace. Having animals at work can help to make connections among employees and nurtures a sense of community, increasing cooperation and leading to a positive workplace.

Do you have any pets at work? Would you like to? Let us know. And in the meantime why not enjoy a few photos of Della having a good time at StockdaleMartin.

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