Published on July 22, 2015

Bridging the gap within the Healthcare Professional world

The Primary Care Pharmacist’s Association has in recent months set up a group to identify those Pharmacists within the UK who are interested in working within GP practices. A number of Pharmacists have been attracted by this offering to ultimately help bring the pharmacy and GP world closer.

The group was initially set up following plans from both the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and NHS England to employ an “army” of pharmacists within GP practices with the commitment of £15 million to help fund the plan.

The commitment of the NHS funding has been positive and has acknowledged the importance of pharmacy at a national level which also helps to link GP and community pharmacy much more effectively. Uptake has been positive with Pharmacists from a range of backgrounds whether it be community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy interested in the role.

The next few months will bring further development. It will be of interest to see whether this plan does result in a more cohesive NHS with Healthcare Professionals working much closer together.

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