Published on July 27, 2015

“Appworld” – discovering the future of multi-platform applications

“Appworld” – discovering the future of multi-platform applications


Here at StockdaleMartin, our Creative Director André has been on a recent trip to the country best known for bratwurst and beer, Germany! On his trip André attended the “Appworld” conference in Berlin to discover the future of the digital world. “Appworld” is a yearly conference showcasing digital innovations with a specific focus on multi-platform applications. 

The aim of the trip was to learn more about the emerging technologies associated within the digital mobile application sector and how best we can utilise these technologies within our work. The conference was filled with discussions from top global leaders in their field and speakers from well-known companies such as The BBC, Tripadvisor and Saxo Bank.

Topics of discussion ranged from the realities of developing HTML5 and the tools to help, to how to create a unique mobile experience for the user. Within the past few years, the Pharmaceutical industry has begun to enhance its digital presence, something which we at StockdaleMartin have taken a keen interest in and utilise wherever possible.

André had a number of key takeout’s from the conference, in particular noting those within the field who will help to further drive and develop the app world. He enjoyed his trip and of course managed to find some time to enjoy a few German delicacies and a spot of sightseeing!

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