Published on April 29, 2009

Mr Knott discusses the lessons learnt from his College reading list. . .

As part of my MA Course, I have been brushing up on my reading. One book that I have been dipping into is a publication called “T-Shirts and Suits, A Guide to the Business of Creativity”, by David Parrish.

In it is a case study on an industrial design company founded by Jonathan Butters. He is quoted as saying:

“Good design cannot be the ego-centric creation of the designer working alone. Design is a process… The design process involves a dialogue with the client to address the needs of various communities of interest including the end user and those responsible for the products sale, maintenance and disposal.”

This statement is in accord with our own company principles, particularly in the way we approach design projects. As instigators of ideas it is important (when appropriate to the brief) that we ‘reach for the stars’ conceptually – it is often all too easy to fall in-line with conventional standards of thought.

Without applying such ‘five star’ thinking we would possibly be doing a disservice to the needs of our clients. Unless this thinking is conducted in the context of the real world however, we would not be able to effectively implement any of the resulting ideas.

The main thrust of my MA course is the development of creativity through external review. Sharing our thoughts with a wider audience allows for a level of development that could not be achieved if we work in isolation in our cubicles all day.

I believe that regular dialogue is vital to help us achieve exciting and original ideas that not only fit the brief but exceed it, and yet are consistently deliverable in the current climate where budgets are getting tighter and tighter.

Mr Knott

Mr Knott

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