Published on March 30, 2009

Exemplars of Great Design #1: New UK coinage

Welcome to the first instalment of our new ‘interesting graphical moments’ feature, where each time we’ll highlight some examples of top quality design that have caught our attention, often taken the everyday world around us.

In this first instalment, André has chosen to highlight the recent revision to our UK currency:

“I find the new designs to be a very tasteful mesh of both tradition and modernism. A shield motif has been applied to all of the coins in the range – individually the coins only reveal small parts of this. Once the denominatins are arranged in a group however, the whole shield concept is revealed.

It’s an incredibly satisfying piece of design, that nods its head to other great monetary design such as the Swiss Franc or the Lost Dutch Guilda. It’s a shame that eventually we may be stuck with the slightly bland Euro instead of the lively and interesting designs presented here:

New UK coinage

The £2 coin has not been updated, but it still works well within the general suite.

The new designs are the work of 26 year old graphic designer Matthew Dent, who won a national competition organised by the Royal Mint. Clever boy!

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