Published on September 28, 2010

The BDTA shines a ‘Spotlight’ on the Dental Industry

As an affiliate member of the British Dental Trade Association, StockdaleMartin recently received a copy of Spotlight, the annual BDTA publication offering a statistical breakdown of the UK dental industry.

Among its other findings, Spotlight revealed that:

  • There are now more than 37,000 registered dentists in Britain, and an additional 55,543 dental care professionals, including dental nurses and hygienists
  • Collectively, these dental healthcare professionals (DHPs) spent almost £244 million last year on dental consumables, including surgical instruments, anaesthetics and oral hygiene equipment
  • Loyalty to existing brands and suppliers most heavily influenced DHP decisions when investing in products and services.

This year’s issue focused on the growing importance of technology within the dental industry and the role of the internet in connecting DHPs and their patients. Of the thousands of DHPs surveyed:

  • The majority routinely used computers when treating patients
  • 80% had in-surgery access to the internet
  • 54% had undertaken CPD training online, and only 8% stated that they had no intention of using online training in the next 12 months
  • 59% regularly used social networking sites for both professional and personal reasons, with Facebook by far the most popular social networking destination.

This represents real change within the world of dentistry and throws open new opportunities for brands and companies wanting to communicate with DHPs. To find out more or to discuss how you could take advantage of these emerging trends contact Ed Martin by emailing

If you would like a more detailed summary of Spotlight’s findings why not get in touch on 0870 735 5385, or email

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