Published on July 20, 2011

Ladie Go’Diva encourages students to take a trip to the dentist

NHS Coventry’s recent campaign to get students through the door of dental practices involves the not-so-beautiful looking Ladie Go’Diva singing her debut single, Bad Nashers. The music video highlights the problems with students neglecting their oral health by drinking alcohol and not brushing their teeth. The lyrics include lines like these “I need the NHS to rescue my breath” and “so I made an appointment for that fresher-breath feeling”. 

The pop video and song is catchy and provides something different from the typical student campaigns. As Kerrie Woods, senior commissioning manager at NHS Coventry, comments: “This tongue-in-cheek approach aims to beat some of the myths around NHS dentists.” The campaign also aims to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to help promote the video to students living in the City, in the hope they will book dentist appointments.

To watch the entertaining video and see Ladie Go’Diva in action, follow the link:

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