Published on June 25, 2013

Groupon works to stop illegal teeth whitening

Groupon works to stop illegal teeth whitening

Who doesn’t enjoy a great deal, especially when it comes to achieving that ‘Hollywood Smile’?

Deal of the day website Groupon is working alongside the General Dental Council (GDC) to guard against the promotion of illegal tooth whitening. Groupon has already taken action not to mislead customers by offering teeth whitening deals that are regulated by the GDC.

Sections 37 and 38 of the Dentists act 1984 declare that dentistry can only be legally undertaken by individuals who are regulated by the GDC; specifically dentists, or hygienists working to a dentist’s prescription.

This was confirmed when in May 2013, the High Court overturned the decision to acquit Ms Lorna Jamous, an ex-teeth whitening expert, who had pleaded guilty to the offence of practising dentistry whilst not regulated by the GDC.  Following the successful appeal by the GDC, Ms Jamous was later convicted of these offences and the case has been remitted to the Westminster Magistrates Court for sentencing.

The GDC is now working towards seeking similar cases from other ‘daily deal’ companies that may also be offering illegal teeth whitening to its customers. Dental professionals who are regulated by the GDC are also reminded that if they sign up to offer deals relating to dental treatment through Groupon or other services, they must assess the patient, obtain appropriate consent, acquire any medical history and explain all the options before carrying out any work on the consumer.

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