Published on August 9, 2012

2012 Survey on the European Dental Trade

The recession has hit the EU hard, as we all know well but how has it affected dental trade?

The European Dental Market Trends Report, from the FIDE and ADDE Associations reveals the major trends over the past five years and collates them all.

The key findings of the report show that:

  • The number of practising dentists has increased by 0.8% from 256,321 in 2007 to 268,282 in 2011, while the number of new graduate dentists has fallen.
  • Total sales increased slightly, up 1.2% to €6,197m, including equipment and sundries
  • The number of dental laboratories went down by 1.1% and the number of dental technicians decreased by 0.9%
  • The total number of dental hygienists grew by 1.14% reaching a total of 24,477

Specifically in the UK, figures show the following:

  • The number of practising dentists has steadily increased over the five years, resulting in a total of 29,865 active dentists
  • The number of active dental offices has decreased to 11,737
  • The total number of new graduate dentists has decreased to 1,200
  • The number of dental technicians has remained fairly consistent over the past five years with the latest figures showing a total of 7,121 active technicians in 2011
  • In comparison, the number of dental hygienists has decreased from last year to a total of 5,548

These interesting statistics highlight that dental trade within Europe and the UK has remained at a steady rate, neither growing nor decreasing significantly.  Yet, statistics showing fewer graduate dentists shows how the industry may have been affected by increasing student fees, deterring future dental professionals. How has the recession affected your dental practice? Comment below or tweet us @stockdalemartin.

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