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Published on July 13, 2011

‘Love Doll’ improves University life

Showa Hanako 2 is the new and improved robot that’s aimed at training dental students in Japan. Hanako 2 can do almost everything we can from facial movements to sneezing, creating a life-like doll for students to practise on. The robot can even represent a moving tongue and choking! The ‘love doll’ aspect of the […]

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Published on May 23, 2011

FIDE Releases 2011 Dental Market Trends Report!

The Federation of the European Dental Industry (FIDE) recently released its 2011 Survey on the European Dental Trade (Market Trends). Co-designed by ADDE, the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe, the survey gives an insight into dental industry demographics, manufacturing and marketing behaviour across 12 European countries, including France, Germany, Russia and the UK. Among […]

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Published on April 1, 2011

Adult Dental Health Survey 2009: Key Findings

Last week saw the release of the 2009 UK Adult Dental Health Survey findings. Conducted once every ten years since 1968, the survey (carried out over six months by a team of interviewers and clinical examiners) aims to provide an overall picture of the dental health and habits of British residents.     The 2009 survey indicated […]

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Published on December 23, 2010

BDTA Exam Success!

Congratulations to our copywriter Natalie who, after sitting the BDTA Introduction to Dentistry exam last month, today received her course results- a pass, with distinction! Like our Senior Account Executive Rachel, who passed the exam last year, she now has a basic grounding in the fundamentals of dental practice- including oral anatomy, physiology, restorative dentistry […]

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Published on November 9, 2010

Of fish, nuts and gum disease

We were intrigued to learn last week of a study which posited a connection between fish consumption and the prevention of gum disease. The research, published in the November Journal of the American Dietetic Association, examined the diets of 182 people over a 5 year period, and found that those who consumed large amounts of […]

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Published on October 5, 2010

British Dental Journal Publishes England’s First Regional Adult Dental Health Survey

The British Dental Journal has this month published the first region-wide dental survey of adults ever undertaken in England. A collaborative project featuring input from the Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory and the region’s Strategic Health Authority, several local Primary Care Trusts and the Sheffield and Leeds Dental Schools, the survey targeted more than 25,000 […]

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Published on October 5, 2010

Study shows new link between gum disease and diabetes

Successful treatment of gum disease may help decrease the blood sugar levels of diabetics, a new study has suggested. The study, conducted by the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with University College London, Peninsula Dental School and the University of Ottawa, reviewed previous research into the link between gum disease and diabetes, and found that […]

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Published on September 28, 2010

The BDTA shines a ‘Spotlight’ on the Dental Industry

As an affiliate member of the British Dental Trade Association, StockdaleMartin recently received a copy of Spotlight, the annual BDTA publication offering a statistical breakdown of the UK dental industry. Among its other findings, Spotlight revealed that: There are now more than 37,000 registered dentists in Britain, and an additional 55,543 dental care professionals, including […]

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