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Published on September 4, 2012

From popcorn to dental care products

Have you guessed what it is yet? We’re referring to the use of coconut oil. As strange as it may seem, the oil receives a lot of bad press – just last week I was at the cinema and ate a medium bag of popcorn, often viewed as a relatively healthy snack, to later find […]

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Published on August 9, 2012

2012 Survey on the European Dental Trade

The recession has hit the EU hard, as we all know well but how has it affected dental trade? The European Dental Market Trends Report, from the FIDE and ADDE Associations reveals the major trends over the past five years and collates them all. The key findings of the report show that: The number of […]

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Published on June 28, 2012

Should we be eating like our ancestors?

Research claims absence of chewing raw meat, vegetables and grains in our modern diets, could be the cause of the most common popular dental problems in our society. The suggestion emerged from the recent conference ‘Evolution of Human Teeth & Jaws: Implications for Dentistry & Orthodontics’ in the US. Experts at the conference, including food […]

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Published on June 19, 2012

Dental regrets of the past

We’ve all been there – young and free, partying ‘til the early hours of the morning and our twice daily teeth routine takes a back seat in our busy lives. But now we’re older and prefer the laid back life, we begin to regret skipping our teeth brushing as dental problems become prominent. The British […]

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Published on June 14, 2012

Oral health suffers as recession continues

As many of us feel the strain on our pockets, skipping regular dental appointments seems like a good way of saving money, yet in the long run this is far from the truth. A recent British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) study suggests that over a third of adults (36%) are likely to delay dental treatment […]

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Published on May 31, 2012

Is Dentistry being bashed again?

As I’m certain many of you would’ve read this week, national newspapers are claiming dentists are ‘forcing’ 500,000 patients to pay privately for treatment, in light of the recently published OFT report.  The report suggests patients ‘may be provided with inaccurate information’ regarding their dental treatments and as a result they are paying more for […]

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Published on May 24, 2012

Ed’s trip to sunny California!

A couple of weeks ago I was at the California Dental Association Convention, in the lovely city of Anaheim, in order to oversee the set up of the booth and fantastic interactive tables, which we developed last year with the support of our good friends at Teknikos [see the Vegas Blog]. Over 3 days 28,000 […]

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Published on May 15, 2012

Debate: How to label food?

A long-standing debate about how to label sugar, fat, salt and calories on foods has recently been re-ignited. With increasing rates of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles becoming part of a wider problem for the UK, nutritional food labelling is now a hotly debated topic. To tackle the problem of how to label foods, the government […]

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Published on May 8, 2012

Could busy lifestyles be impacting on our oral health?

Many of us would like to think we keep on top of our oral hygiene, regular check-ups and brushing our teeth twice daily, but when our busy lives get the better of us, these essential routines can become neglected. For the full-time parent, housekeeper and bread winner, time is of the essence and this is […]

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Published on April 17, 2012

Should dentists be screening for alcohol consumption?

The cost of alcohol abuse is sky high, costing the UK around £25bn a year! With an estimated 1 in 5 men and 1 in 7 women reported to be regular binge drinkers, excessive alcohol consumption has become a major problem for us Brits. So where do dentists come into this I hear you ask? […]

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