Published on September 21, 2015

Stoptober supports the use of e-cigarettes

Stoptober supports the use of e-cigarettes

With Stoptober fast approaching, this year’s campaign will see the annual initiative provide support for the use of e-cigarettes to help quit smoking. Public Health England backed the use of e-cigarettes last month as a smoking cessation tool and although the Stoptober campaign won’t provide advice on the different e-cigarettes available, the campaign will instead work to encourage those using the device to seek expert advice and support.

Pharmacies are encouraged to support the campaign with Stoptober branded materials being available to order. Many pharmacies already offer a stop smoking service and this combined with the Stoptober campaign will help to engage and drive conversation with those customers looking to quit smoking.

Many Pharmacists are still unsure of the negative impacts e-cigarettes could have on smokers and have expressed their concerns. Following the push to make e-cigarettes readily available on prescription, Pharmacists have pushed for further research into e-cigarettes in particular to better understand the safety profiles of the device.

The campaign runs for 28 days starting on the 1st October. Do you know anyone who wants help with quitting smoking? If so, get them ready for Stoptober and sign up online today –



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